Antenatal Home Consultation

Antenatal Home Consultation

Antenatal sessions are known to help with reducing any anxieties you may have. They are also essential, for building confidence to get feeding off to a good start. This home visit will be informative and evidenced based. This can be a good idea for families who have had a baby before and would like to go over past experiences or first time parents who are trying to navigate through conflicting information. 


Topics we will cover are:​

  • How breastfeeding works 

  • Benefits of breastfeeding to you and your baby. 

  • How to get off to the best start

  • Skin to skin contact, how to achieve and why its important.

  • Guidance of positioning and attachment 

  • What is expected of your breastfeeding newborn and whats normal.

  • Initiating & maintaining a good milk supply

  • How to know that your baby is “getting enough” 

  • Discussing possible breastfeeding hurdles 

  • Expressing and other topics of your choice