Live Online Infant Feeding Workshop

Live Online Infant Feeding Workshop

The Infant Feding workshop is a tailored course to cover all areas of infant feeding prior to the birth of your baby. These workshops are available through Zoom and usually take place once a month. Gorup sizes depend on the number of people booked in. But we usually cap this at 5 so that questions can be answered. You will be shown a detailed presentation with media images Videos and informative slides. Available time to ask and answer any questions. 


We cover things like: 

- How to get off to a good start 

- The early days 

- Education on milk production 

- Breastfeeding positions 

- How to spot the signs of feeding cues and kow your baby is effectively feeding

- Troubleshooting difficulties 

- Expressing 

- Bottle feeding 

A resource for getting off to a good start and information on where to seek support is then sent via email. 


We look forward to seeing you online for this very imformative bite size session.