I took a breastfeeding course as part of NCT but afterwards felt unable to ask the questions relevant to my own pregnancy journey or my expectations around breastfeeding. 

A friend referred me to do a one to one zoom consultation with Gemma from Little Latchers to help address and answer some of my concerns and questions. No question was off limits and I instantly felt at ease talking with Gemma. Having this consultation pre-Birth and now looking back, really boosted my confidence with breastfeeding my little boy. 

we are now two months on and Gemma's consistent open and honest communication has meant I've had that support throughout breastfeeding. My partner wanted to be able to feed our boy with expressed breastmilk, Gemma guided us about how to introduce the bottle in a positive and playful way without affecting my supply. Her knowledge was extensive, she explained the science of breastfeeding and gave helpful tips and tricks to help with my journey. 

I am pleased to say, two months since my babies birth I'm enjoying breastfeeding, feeling really connected to my baby, relaxed and in control of whats happening. He is now doubled his birth weight which is a great testament to the success I've had with breastfeeding thanks to Little latchers. 

online support 2022

Gemma and Jasmine have both been amazing throughout my entire breastfeeding journey, both pre and post birth. They went over and above to provide an exceptional service, continually checking up on me to see how I was getting on and always there to answer my many questions at the drop of a hat! They’re an absolute dream and I wouldn’t have been able to persevere with breastfeeding without their continued help, support and knowledge. Thank you both so much!!!

Pre and Postnatal visits

I was recommended Jasmine by a friend when I was pregnant as I knew I wanted to breastfeed. We had completed a antenatal pregnancy class but I just felt I needed more support with breastfeeding. I payed for her pregnancy package and WOW was it the best thing I did. I am so grateful to have met her and we really couldn't thank her enough for making our journey feel uneventful and just plane sailing. I was scared of all the things that could of gone wrong but actually I just felt supported and completely in control. I'm not saying it was easy but breastfeeding has been the best decision I made. Thank you for putting us with me and my crazy late night texts M x

Pregnancy package

I had a visit from Gemma when my son was 4 weeks old and I could not recommend more highly this service. Gemma was clearly very knowledgeable and lovely to speak with. She provided a lot of reassurance and together we tweaked my technique which has helped a lot. The post visit report is also very helpful. Professional and friendly service. Thank you.

postnatal visit

Little Latchers was an absolute godsend for us during lockdown and the early days of being first time parents. We had a private virtual session with Jasmine to help establish breastfeeding where she went above and beyond to be incredibly reassuring and gave us fantastic advice and confidence at a time when we were feeling very vulnerable. She then regularly answered loads of our questions and always gave fantastic, timely advice. I have recommended her to a number of pregnant friends and could not recommend her highly enough! 10 out of 10 in every respect! Thanks so much

Online Support

Jasmine was exactly what we needed, she was educational and knowledgeable and helped us with our difficult start. Everyone we saw before just told me it was normal but Jasmine made me feel like I was being listened to. Our little one had a tongue tie and I had got into a difficult cycle waiting for the devision. She was informative and continued to provide ongoing care even after everything was fixed. Thank you as always. C x

postnatal Visit

I had a home visit by Jasmine when my daughter was 4 months old. I had spoken to dozens of professionals before then and none of them were as helpful, reassuring and practical as Jasmine. She really took the time to listen to my concerns, examined my daughter thoroughly, watched the feed properly and together we came up with a plan that I was comfortable with. If you are struggling to get help and need support breastfeeding, I cannot recommend them enough.

postnatal visit

Jasmine and Gemma have both been amazing throughout my entire breastfeeding journey, both pre and post birth. They went over and above to provide an exceptional service, continually checking up on me to see how I was getting on and always there to answer my many questions at the drop of a hat! They’re an absolute dream and I wouldn’t have been able to persevere with breastfeeding without their continued help, support and knowledge. Thank you both so much!!

Postnatal visit

Jasmine saved my breastfeeding journey at 2 weeks of having my baby. I was struggling a lot and due to bad latch I was having a lot of pain. I found confusing and contradicting advice from different professionals at hospital and health care that’s why I looked for a lactation consultant and I’m glad I did. Jasmine is very kind, compassionate and easy going. She was also very clear and professional when visiting. I found her support vital to continue breastfeeding my baby boy. She also continued offering support after visits and even helped when I suffered with mastitis. I will be for ever grateful that I found her when I needed it the most. Well recommended without a doubt

Postnatal visit

We bought the pregnancy and postnatal package, as I am a first time mum I wanted as much support and expert advice as possible with our breastfeeding journey. After a very difficult birth, we ended up formula feeding which was not what we had planned. Gemma and Jasmine were able to provide the support and guidance to get our breastfeeding journey back on track. They happily answered all of my questions, sent personalised plans and lots of encouragement and reassurance. The 2 postnatal visits that we had as part of the package were invaluable, and urged our journey on when I really wasn’t sure I could continue. By the time my son was 10 weeks we were exclusively breastfeeding, and I know that wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for Gemma and Jasmine. I’m very grateful, and whole heartedly recommend them.

pregnancy package

 I was happy to have received an online consultation from little latches as a gift, a few days after I gave birth to my son, Gilbert. Living in Sweden, and after a traumatic birth, I was really missing my family and friends back in the UK and was struggling with breastfeeding among other things, so receiving this as a gift was exactly what I needed. Jasmine was amazing from the start, putting me at ease right away on the first call, discussing with myself and partner a variety of more comfortable feeding positions and helping with Gilbert’s latch. I left the call feeling informed and empowered, just what I needed. I feel that meeting with Jasmine really helped me both with my breastfeeding journey, but also with discussing my birth story. She was extremely understanding and knowledgeable, and I really felt she listened to me in my time of need. I am really grateful for the experience and could not recommend Jasmine and the team at little latches enough.

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Gemma and Jasmine were such a wonderful support throughout my breastfeeding journey. There were times, even months into my journey when I felt like it should’ve been plain sailing and it just wasn’t. I was embarrassed to reach out again when Gemma dropped a text to check in. Both girls came for an afternoon to chat and offer ideas. I never felt judged or influenced to change the way I was feeding, just given tools to adapt and improve the experience. Talking with two qualified professionals really helped me feel less alone and more confident with my journey. That visit was just what I needed to continue as I wasn’t ready to give up. I would encourage anyone needing a little reassurance to get in touch and I’d like to thank both girls for supporting me through an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. X

follow up postnatal

I would absolutely recommend support from ‘Little Latchers’! I got in contact with them after having some initial difficulty with breastfeeding and after my baby had spent her first couple of weeks of life in hospital. Sadly I was unable to breastfeed in hospital for lots of reasons and upon arriving home I was in need of help to get it up and running! Gemma was amazing! She was so friendly, calm, supportive and informative. She encouraged me, gave me loads of advice and reassured me that there are many ways that I could get closer to breastfeeding, if not going the whole way. I took on the advice but unfortunately after lots of trying, breastfeeding still was not working. Gemma was always quick to respond to my messages and through her advice I was able to increase my milk supply enough to feed my expressed breast milk exclusively and I still am today…she is 6months old now and I plan to continue until she is weaned off of milk. It has not been easy but I am so pleased to have been able to feed my baby breast milk, albeit feeling overwhelming sadness that breastfeeding did not work out. Gemma’ support and kind words made me realise that I should be proud of what I had achieved for my baby and I am! Thank you so much ‘Little Latchers’! I will be in touch when baby number two is on the way to get more support! You are stars!!!

Postnatal Nicu feeding support

We'll be forever indebted to Jenny for salvaging our breastfeeding journey when my wife had reached crisis point with painful latching and slow weight gain. There was lots of valuable communication before, during and after the home visit. She was friendly, sympathetic, patient and very easy to speak openly with. Her calm, reassuring manner and wealth of experience helped to gently steer us onto the right path. She was also able to definitively clarify some conflicting advice that we had been given by other sources. I'm always reminded of my gratitude to Jenny when I catch my wife smiling or laughing during a feed, which I never dreamt would have been possible at the beginning.

Postnatal consultation - Hartfordshire