Individual or Package consultations


Antenatal sessions are known to help with reducing any anxieties you may have and also essential for building confidence to get feeding off to a good start. This home visit will be informative and evidenced based answering as many questions as you have. This package is not only great for first time families navigating through the information surrounding the fourth trimester but can also be utilised for families who have had a baby before and would like to go over past experiences.

Topics we will cover are:​

  • How breastfeeding works 

  • Benefits of breastfeeding to you and your baby. 

  • How to get off to the best start

  • Skin to skin contact, how to achieve and why its important.

  • guidance of positioning and attachment 

  • What is expected of your breastfeeding newborn and whats normal.

  • Initiating & maintaining a good milk supply

  • How to know that your baby is “getting enough” 

  •  Discussing possible breastfeeding hurdles 

  • We can tailor make this to twins or babies or mothers with specialist health related issues that may effect breastfeeding. 

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This consultation is for families who have already had their baby. We will provide you with a bespoke home Visit. Building on your own journey so far with knowledgable evidenced based support. we cover all types of feeding issues. Latch concerns, pain, damaged nipples, breast refusal, bottle confusion, weight loss, colic, reflux, oversupply or undersupply, frequent feeding, going over normal baby behaviours, weaning from the breast or weaning onto solids from breast, introducing bottles or expressing problems, weaning from nipple shields. just to name a few. 

services included in this initial consultation:

  • A full History of your journey so far

  • Full observation of a breastfeed

  • Positioning & attachment support & guidance

  • A maternal breast assessment if required

  • Clear, informative conversation around breast-feeding, bottle feeding or expressing

  • Answering your list of questions no matter how big or small 

  • if required a personalised feeding plan to help you reach your individualised feeding goals  

  • assessment of your babies oral function. used in relation to tongue tie and restriction. 

  • Follow up text or email support

  • Can be used as an individual session or alongside a postnatal package or follow up. 

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Packages will combine individual sessions to tailor specific support to you and your needs. Whether that is for a pregnancy package before baby is born or if you are hoping to get consistent ongoing support to navigate feeding after baby is born. We have a selection of packages available. ( see prices) 

Note: if you have already purchased a postnatal consultation and then would like to switch to the postnatal package you can do this. 


The pregnancy package is one of the most favoured package. This package will include one antenatal session, one postnatal session and a follow up home visit. All our services include online continued support. 

This package also includes a gift bag with goodies, and is the perfect gift for expectant parents.

Please contact us in advance. Many families will set their first session around 34 weeks gestation. If this is not your first you may want to book in a little later but taking time to go over your last breastfeeding journey can be very helpful.

We look forward to meeting you on this exciting journey.  

If you do not live in the area we cover. Online packages are also available. Please see prices page for more information. 



Visits come on a first come first serve basis, but we hope to book families in as quickly as possible. There is a 10% charge for any weekend and bank holidays. Pregnancy packages must be paid in full on booking. Cash and bank transfer is accepted.  Services can be changed to best suit you and your babies needs if required. Consultatons for returning to work and weaning from breastfeeding are also offered.